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Marcos agreed in pri-- where Americans and Filipinos MANILA, Sunday Dec. Carey was reported to have Senator Birch Bayh jumped 'other candidates was scattered. Kresky, a vice 1954 requires that at least 501^“ an ,ead as ^ libera,; , The coalition endorsement! livery in Hawaii, he called his Icontro T of facilities that a»| , TL ,1 ^7* , T' trip a step toward contraction [critical to continued United| pa ° “ P f a .’, * "J of “a safer and saner vrarld." States power in the Pacific. ., • Small, jrito less otwortl3.; ; : to start T.-;' ales that . 7 — |vate 513 yesterday and this withstood a Japanese siege for President Ford w« to head j^ming to open formal nego-,27 days before surrendering in By STEVEN R. president of Wertheun and percent of Govemmeot- 5 pon-; New Democratic Coaltion met'represencs the first test of. [ g '° num ent s to fives well lived Well-placed officials travel-! totei *" cu ituked pearls, platinum SSQ00 synthetic sapphires $TS00 ?

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W&J SLOANE- FIFTH AVENUE at 38th THE NEW YORK TIMES, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1 ,197* Tokyo Official Urges Stress on Defense 0 jsiast f« security. Master Charge, Bantc Americard and American Express charges accepted. 0s# White Piairrs/Boco Roton 222 E; Post Rd., White Plains, N. 106D1 '.914; WH 9-5§QO Royal Palm Plaza, Bcca Raton, Florida -205) 392-6B78 Jewelers since 1610 ■ ' -f ■ i K .■ , * 0 PLAWf STAND*' ‘ THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS® ■ HOLIDAY SPECIAL SALE! Triple toe screws, pad -ri ded scree collar, bellows tongue and leathe" lining add to their appeal.

handling (1.65 beyond UPS) ; Abercrombie &Frrc Our timing couldn't be better on this specie.. Renown&v for their quality construction and rugged dur - ability, these leather trail boots feature Montagna block Vibram soles with Yt' featfie ‘ midsoles and cushioned insoles for adder- comfort and long wear.

Kre sky turned him down, American-flag vessels - ships ! Presidential candidates in the cuing a conflict of miercsi under Unite? Most nonmrlitarv Government- ;°crat faced a stiff challenge] The endorsement will give aj ,n S s wrth at least one of the sponsored shipments over the;*™ 3 fo ™ ar Senator, Fred.lrandidate a psychological Bftjagencws faced »ith default. to walk, t m tho and along the southern rim of [income from them as well aa ; J . n and — for in a treaty ty to share ministration THREE GREAT SHAPES ELEVEN GREAT COLORS ed by the ? Junior knits with drop-stitched detail or flat knit, sizes S, M, L. Skivvy with new square neckline and drop-stitch ribbing in acrylic and woo L ie treaty i and in laid over posits in corpora- lative De- ion will | of new ; ce jointly: Develop- Christmas at lefit frpm; ribes have t aside for! dr'.-\ ■ can i\ \i&f- - dred les” pt-rflt -' i S 25 ., Write ^ng-v?

Boyh Takes Lead in Vote For Liberal Backing Heref^ oadi D s % - Inappings dastrians of their Kanlari ■turns or to avoid homeward from the Pacific to- day after having agreed with President Ferdinand E. c goyem- Council of em Quebec the James Corporation —ended a e that had :3 Supreme % •Jk • » Si. for bunt- 1 n& ^ „ , „„ ,„ rimf Gimbels Broadway and East open until ; all suburban stows open untill Oi OO eveiy night including Saturdays.

Mail P.0 : -i Box 4258, Grand Central Station, NYC 10017 : Charge A&F..

a HOODED QUILTED VELVET COATS Semantic black velvet quilted coat with deep hood, wrap front and torned-up cuffs.

• MANHATTAN • JAMAICA • BROOKLYN • GLEN OAKS • WOODMERE LEvrrrow N MASSAPEQUA FISH KILL Evening Elegance a. buo '' Most Rev ' D0Mld i Coggan, replied with a state- ’ment saying he supported the council’s' an Li racism program Continued From Page I, Col. a-- e received fees or landing rights were 1 justice Deparncent hkr this violated a sre-hibits payment of on the success ;"■!

.-■ jjm Sneei coniiruci'On moil .10 f MCI cur CS'i S'.’ev iioie ,ou r"uji enef sucei iiom lii Av« Taiwan Sees No U. Bank c nun cants honored or use our convenient lay-a-way plan. fished a racist system w Herever [Uiey have gone in the world, j The Archbishop of Canten- ELEGTS 2 W0MEN ! Rin& LOOct 0 1 - P '^ 1 ^n S^2 25 1 naufi Sr^rl.^Vnrelural' 20. p,alnu ^;f 3 ^ necklace S1750 sapphires, platinum SBSO 2.

allegedly resulted] in higher subsidy, payments toj foreign buyers of grain. glued to backing; C 5 applied to finish" a sort of the puzzle coats of -. All are heavy-gauge pewter, handmade and hand-engraved with the same skills that created the originals.

The Cargo Preference Act of j , BANKER TO DIRECT AID F0R4AGENC1ES Default Threatened Unless They Get .5 Billion for the Next 30 Months SENATORS ARE PRAISED City-Aid Bill Approved Easily —State Legislators Urged to Act on Budget Deficit Hi» Nn 1 Yor t card Hiiwicr Scnator Birch Bayb of Indiana discussing strategy with Robert Abrams, who is his New York campaign managed By JAMES M. Ford said that hej Rock Island in Manila Bay svteuiin Ttuifemratk TAau, - 'i aod *®r.

tn air le were arters of ies Of at ave been doned in n alleys, he death be day. Fashioned of mahogany solids and ve- neers; showcase surface covered in rich black velvet. Just right for distinctive dining, or fittingly perfect as an occasional fable. he has become a catalyst in, the new search for a national: consensus on security. Sakata, a thoughtful, gentle, former Minister of Edu-. of prime northern down ■ plus quality American craftsmanship at a price far below -foreign-made copies.

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