Dating westclox big ben

Also shown below are some relatives of the Bens: Bingo Style 1, Dura Case (La Salle series), Clock of Tomorrow, and the Seth Thomas 'Baby Bens".

They are included in the detail pages for the various styles.

For more exact dating, look on the movement - a date will be found on almost any Big Ben or Baby Ben made up until mid-1970's.

The Big and Baby Bens up through style 9 were made in USA (and some some other countries). Additional case styles that have names but not numbers are illustrated below the numbered styles.

August Schierholtz designed the style 2 case, and Max Schlenker designed the base.

Henry Dreyfuss designed the style 3, 5 and 6 cases.

Many of the parts on Big Bens and Baby Bens were interchangeable for many years, but there were just enough modifications in the design to cause confusion.

So, Westclox date stamped the movements in their clocks until the late 1970s.

In the early days, until the mid 1930s, Westclox stamped the month, day and year.

After that time period, they only stamped the month and year.

Since then, the name "Big Ben" has been used on several reproduction models of clocks that were not called Big Ben in the past.

These reproductions may be identified by being battery operated and made in China.

It is available free of charge, although donations are welcome!

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