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The Waltham name has been either acquired or stolen by various companies over the years, so sometimes you’ll see a modern, cheap battery operated watch that has a big red W on it, but that has no relation to the Waltham Company. Over the years I’ve had hundreds, but over time I’ve traded up to get better examples.When I started collecting, I had in my mind a growing list of the types of watches I wanted to buy, representative samples of various types of watches. There would be two I wanted to keep, and eight that were similar to ones I already had or were not in as good condition.

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The other parts of the watch are nice, I really enjoy a finely made case and a fancy dial, but to be honest it really is the mechanisms or what we call the movements of the watch that inspire me.

If you look on my watch pages you’ll see that I always include the movements of the watch.

The downside is that you can wander around hours and never find anything you’re looking for, whereas online you can do a search for pocket watches and they are displayed in front of you. The other thing about buying at shows is you really need to know what you’re looking at, be prepared, because you don’t have the luxury of thinking something is interesting, going to do some research, and coming back the next day to the listing.

So you can make mistakes and think that something looks interesting and buy it just in case, and get home and find out it’s not worthwhile.

I have a friend who has a watch shop, and he does that for me.

I do minor repair work, I’ve replaced broken glass crystals on occasion, but for the most part I try not to fiddle with them too much.

One thing I loved about the old watches is the workmanship and as they got away from that they became less interesting. I was really draw to the key wound watches at first.

Just the history and the fact that it’s such a bygone time, using a little key to wind your watch and watching the mechanisms move back and forth.

A watch with no jewels is metal grinding on metal and pretty soon will stop.

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