Dating vintage fender cases

Hidden inside the body is a three-piece system designed by Fender with the folks at Fishman, a company famous for its acoustic guitar pickups.(A 20-hour battery, which you charge via a USB port next to the cable jack, powers the pickups.) The Acoustasonic also has two wooden knobs and a selector switch.

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The idea is that if you're an artist who treasures sonic variety, you can just buy one of these guitars (which lists for $2,000 by the way) and play it all night instead of switching guitars between every song.

I would argue that people who switch guitars multiple times during a show are .

The ability to blend the various sounds together is the Acoustasonic's best feature.

It gives the instrument a tremendous sonic palette, and I found that the most interesting stuff tends to happen not with the blend knob dialed all the way to one side or the other, but somewhere in the middle.

But inside the instrument is an array of electronics that lets the player dial in a wide variety of sounds; when amplified, the Acoustasonic can take on the tonal character of different styles of acoustic guitar as well as solid-body and hollow-body electrics.

You can see one pickup positioned next to the bridge in the image above.

That second knob, the one closest to the tail of the guitar, toggles between the two sounds you've selected using the switch.

Rock it all the way forward to get the first sound, rock it all the way back to get the second sound.

Bruce Springsteen, Keith Richards, and Joe Strummer are all Tele guys.

And when Bob Dylan mounted his first tour as an electric act, he did it with a Telecaster around his neck.

On a normal Telecaster, the selector switch would allow the player to swap between pickups, turning one on and the other off.

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