Dating vintage costume jewelry

The same signature, possibly with some minor variations, continued on most if not all pieces until Gabrielle's death in 1971.I've seen, multiple times now, another stamped signature: CHANEL, with 3 stars beneath.Another change for Chanel is its addition of earrings for pierced ears, and rings.

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In the 50s and early 60s, many of Chanel's costume jewelry pieces were designed by the young and talented Robert Goossens.

Many of the pieces from this time period are marked simply as CHANEL, usually stamped directly on the piece itself.

Increasingly, the mark at the bottom of the plate on many contemporary pieces reads MADE IN ITALY rather than MADE IN FRANCE.

More of the signatures tend to be stamped or engraved on the pieces themselves, rather than on a plate attached to the piece; I've seen them stamped directly on the lobster clasp of necklaces or bracelets, for example, or on the back of a brooch.

Pieces designed by de Castellane circa 1986 to 1992 are identifiable by their oval signature plate.

At the top of the plate is the word CHANEL, accompanied on each side by copyright and trademark.

This jewelry is not associated with the house of Chanel but rather was produced by a American company called the Chanel Novelty Company.

Chanel sued to have the company change its name, and it shortly thereafter became the Reinad Novelty Company.

Beginning 1980 and until 1985, the date on most piece substituted for the phrase MADE IN FRANCE.

Variations I've seen on this plate include: an oval rather than a round plate, and copyright mark next to the CC logo as opposed to one side of the word CHANEL.

The jewelry has value in and of itself for a number of reasons, but it shouldn't be mistaken for Chanel costume jewelry.

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