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Good restaurant where you can have a delicious dinner is also nearby.Contact us and we will help you arrange a private journey. Weekdays: 6-9 pm – 90 EUR 9-12 pm – 105 EUR Weekend: 6-9 pm – 105 EUR 9-12 pm – 120 EUR Number of passengers: max 6 Pushcha Vodytsya is beautiful at any time of the year…

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You may also consider the author of this article perverted.

However, what can be more interesting than doing something forbidden.

If you want to continue your walk in a romantic way – go to the River Port.

There you can stroll along the waterfront to the only on the water church in Ukraine – Church of St. If you are full of energy and ready to party, especially if your visit to Kiev is on Friday and/or Saturday, go to Trukhanov Island.

Moreover, in summertime everyone wants to leave the city at least for a while.

Let’s take a summer romantic trip to Pushcha Vodytsya!

Also take some snacks with you – squirrels and ducks will wait for food from you. It is up to you to decide where exactly to kiss: in the tram or upon arrival to Pushcha Vodytsya.

This option may seem strange to some people, but why not.

Therefore, we suggest that you go and kiss in the central library in Kiev.

The Soviet atmosphere, librarians with purely soviet spirits, tons of dusty books, where you can hide and “read”…

Come to the cozy tram stop on Kontraktova Square, sit comfortably, and enjoy the beauty of the Pushcha Vodytsya and the clatter of wheels.

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