Dating twins

The two of us can speak from direct experience: Barbara has an identical twin sister and Amanda has a fraternal twin brother, and we’ve both spent much of our lives fielding questions about what it’s like to share a life with someone you once shared a womb with.We’ve also spent plenty of time thinking about the source of all this intrigue: What is it, exactly, that people find so fascinating about twins?

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In my grown up brain, I decided "So my friend wants to get with my girlfriend's identical twin, which sort of means they want to get with my girlfriend? 'We're at a themed party but because we're idiots we've both come as the same character.

In short, there's ginger wigs left, right and centre and if you look closely there's two boozy copper tops running around with the same face.

list every way that my sister and I are totally awesome one-of-a-kind unicorns but that's not great chat.

Instead, I put the question to the boyfriends instead.

Fact No.2: Yes, my name is George and my twin's name is Frank. If it makes you feel more comfortable, yes we were technically christened Georgina and Francesca.

There are women in the world called Tyne-Lexy but George is confusing? Fact No.3: Being a twin inevitably leads to highly awkward situations that you'd think only exist in films but somehow actually happen IRL.

Are they scared by the idea of accidentally reaching out to hold hands with the wrong twin?

Or is that exactly why they started dating us in the first place?

To the man on Marylebone platform 4, it wasn't a line I promise, you genuinely must have been on a date with my sister, not me.

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