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A Number of art objects discovered in this site is greater than all other works of art found in paleolithic settlements in Romania. Also stratigraphic situation at "Poaian Ciresului" is an exception for Paleolithic discoveries of Romania, cultural levels being sealed in sterile layers thick, making art pieces distribution per level to be in impeccable state. Andrei Stavila) and students (flowers Marius, Căpăţână Alina Mirica Alexander, riveting Alberto Florin Lupu, Şerbănescu Sebastian) of the University of Targoviste Wallachia.

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but i think there is a link ith these contracts and areas like busteni oh and sorry for bad english cause its not my languefe and also mny tipping errors because i tipp on ipad Thanks for your input.

If there is anything to these stories your eyewittness reports seem to prove out something is happening there regardless of what you want to call it.

ok know to my storry i have to dissapoint all those who think something special happend to me. but because i have recently been there some might know what i experianced there. i stayed in predeal wich is something lke 10km away from the mountains but you can see them.

i stayed with a local mountainguy because i am couchsurfing.

another interessting thing was that i meat one of his friends who used to work for the military intellicence (not goverment intellicence or securitate) of course he is not allowed to speak about anything and al my carefull questions leading to that topic (of course i asked not directly) he switched with a lot of humor and it was in the end obvious that he know much bout that topic but did not want to talk to me. so what i want to share can be summaried as follows the area is touristic and well vistied the area has a special energy you feel when you are there there are scientiest who meassure stuff there if you go to close to radiostation armed man tell you not to get close millitary action with US take place in that area locals know about the special place and theories and there are many witness of special phenomenons in the area ok so far nothin new more or less just a cofirmation from a local point of view. this contracts are the reason why the us helped romaina to join the nato..

i will post more on that tomorrow because i dont ave tme.

They mastered large-scale copper smelting, the new technology of the age. Anthony, the exhibition’s guest curator, “Old Europe was among the most sophisticated and technologically advanced places in the world” and was developing “many of the political, technological and ideological signs of civilization.” In the light of the situation and campaign at Rosia Montana | Romania.

Their graves held an impressive array of exquisite headdresses and necklaces and, in one cemetery, the earliest major assemblage of gold artifacts to be found anywhere in the world. For those who are unaware of that please read following link: United we save Rosia Montana I have come across an article in Romanian Language of an incredible story related to Rosia Montana, underground cities and tunnels and incredible discoveries kept secret from the public eye.

Thank You Marco, your input is much appreciated I wish people will write about their experience there. There has been times when foreign military was spotted in Romanian mountain.

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