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In many ways, men’s sexual/romantic interactions with men are very different than what I describe here, and of course the same goes for women’s interactions with women. Russ Meyer’s movies generally featured tall women with huge breasts having sex with… Because these movies were made in the 60’s or 70’s, they ended on a moralistic tone to avoid the wrath of the censors, with the loose women getting married or killed.I am focusing on men’s attitudes towards and involvement with women because that is where I have experience, and where some of the biggest problems reside. But their draw was the promise of easy sex with amazonian women.

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In our culture which sets up women as the gatekeepers of sexuality, men are trained to be attracted to women just because those women are available for sex.

Which is about as low as standards get, and can cause all sorts of problems when men try to figure out which women they are actually attracted to.

There are a lot of generalizations in here, including lots of “men tend to” and “women tend to” statements. Back in the era of free love, there may have actually been some Valley of the Dolls situations, though I suspect the rumors are overblown. You may have heard from some guy about his Valley of the Dolls experience, but there is a good chance he was describing a fantasy to you, not something he actually did.

These are necessary in order to sum up the general way things work, but there will of course be particular men, women, or situations that are exceptions to anything I say. A number of factors in the 80’s ended this: AIDS, an increase in cultural sexual repression, and women realizing that free love may have been designed more for men than them. There is always some effort involved, and usually it takes a lot of effort. Men produce these fantasies all over the place, and often try to pass them off as real in a grown-up version of locker room boasting.

This guide was originally put together as a handout for a class on nonmonogamy aimed at men.

Before finishing it, I decided to switch to a “tips” format instead, so I am publishing the portion that was finished, which covers the high-level conceptual stuff but does not get down into specific attitudes or the practical advice.They are not interested in getting it on with men they are not attracted to, and just like everyone else, they are probably only attracted to a relatively small subset of people.Somehow this little detail gets lost in these fantasies, and it is not hard to see why.This paper is aimed at men who are attracted to women, which covers both straight men and bisexual men’s interactions with women. When men write down their fantasies, we often see these themes of sexual abundance and availability.It is somewhat useful for men who are attracted to men, and for women, though many of the things I say will not apply. I call this mythological place full of nubile enthusiastic women the Valley of the Dolls, after Russ Meyer’s sexploitation film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.Third, these fantasies evade any sort of responsibility. There is no need to take them out to dinner afterwards.

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