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While if you intend to date an older lady, you may find yourself on the receiving end of many gifts, it is important in the initial stages at least to wine and dine your lady and treat her right.

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When it comes to learning how to date an older woman this is a no brainer.

In order to get someone interested in you, you have to be interested in them.

Ask her opinion about something, how she is or offer to buy her a drink.

Avoid inadvertently insulting her - a backhanded compliment such as ‘wow you look so young for your age, you have hardly any wrinkles’ will not go down well, and is likely to see you blown off before you have even begun. A Cougar is expecting to be approached by a guy who has everything together, someone young, silly and immature isn’t going to be of interest to her.

Confidence is hugely important when trying to pick up an older woman.

Cougars tend not to like beating around the bush, they expect the younger guys to be sure of themselves, without slipping over into arrogance. So even if you are feeling a little nervous, don’t let it show.Cougars are elegant, sophisticated women who know what they want so you need to reflect this in your own behaviour too. If you have only been looking for older women in the traditional spots you have been missing out on a lot of opportunities.Before you go out to search for a Cougar take a long hard look in the mirror. You need to get with the times if you are not also looking online.) if you can pepper your conversation with a few well-timed jokes then you are more than likely to keep the Cougars interested.The most important thing to remember when learning how to pick up an older woman is to have fun.A Cougar has been there and done that, so if you want to learn how to date an older lady, and to keep her interested, put a little thought into your dates.

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