Dating someone you met in rehab

If you also have a problem with love addiction, these feelings will become even more intense when you no longer have the numbing effects of substances.Whether or not you are actually addicted to love, dating in rehab can trigger intense emotions that are tough to deal with in early recovery.

Rehab is a time in which you are learning to cope with the ups and downs of life without turning to substances.

It may also be a time in which any new relationships you form can have an impact on your recovery.

Maybe you even get to the point of seeing someone exclusively – and finally think this is IT – only to have the person vanish from your life.

How can you expect to find the love of a lifetime when you can barely make it past the first date – let alone the three-month mark? You’re left holding the pieces of yet another broken dream, and the very last thing you want to do is get out there .“Out there,” from your experience, is not a safe, comforting place.

One of the messages you probably hear in early recovery is that you should be very cautious about dating.

You may even be told that you should avoid dating or forming relationships for at least a year.Give yourself the gift of time to focus on your own recovery.If you think you might have a problem with love addiction, let your sponsor or an addiction counselor know.In early recovery, you are taught to stay away from a drink, drug or a substitute one day at a time.Many substances and behaviors can be considered substitutes, including love and sex.You are learning how to face the ups and downs of life without turning to substances, or to behaviors that could be in any way addicting.

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