Dating someone less intelligent than you

Look for things you are already getting in return when you help them out, like friendship and respect, or cold hard cash, if you're a tutor. You can help as long as you reach your goal, too, even if it takes you longer as a result of helping.

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2019-01-28 Other than breaking up, how do you (or did you personally) deal with a partner who frequently “nags” you like they’re a parent?

2019-02-20 AITA for expressing hesitation to marry my girlfriend (who I love) so she can stay in the country?

She says she doesn't trust me being around that stuff "because I'm a guy"... 2018-04-18 What's something that women tend to think only women experience, that men experience too?

2018-04-23 If you find yourself in a relationship where your partner develops codependency issues, what can you do to help them become less codependent?

It can be frustrating to have to deal with people who are less intelligent than you.

You may feel that you are constantly having to answer questions or carry their weight.

2018-07-27 My [29M] gf [29F] told me I should know wether I plan to marry her or not by now (we’ve been dating for a little over 1 year, and she’s my first girlfriend). 2018-12-19 My (29M) girlfriend (30F) is really bad at handling unexpected or stressful situations & decision.

She typically shuts down, panics, and relies on me to fix the problem. 2019-01-01 How do you handle food/cooking/shopping once you moved in with your partner, and did you have to overcome any disagreements about this?

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