Dating soldiers and their homecoming

Kyle Jones, an Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System operator from Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 3-13th FA, and a pugil winner. Margaret Silva, a machinist from 66th Forward Support Company, gained a better understanding of her unit.

"This was a great chance to do friendly competition and learn about our distinguished history, which I did not know much about before," she said.

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The unit was present for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and fought throughout the Pacific Campaign of World War II.

While on occupation duty in Japan, the 13th FAR was called into action for the Korean War.

Seventh Battalion fought 11 campaigns in the Vietnam War under the 173rd Airborne Brigade before being deactivated in 1970.

Today, 3rd Battalion is the only remaining component in active service. 1st Class Derek Smart, currently a platoon sergeant from B Battery, looked back on his time with the battalion.

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I am very happy that the peacetime years spent in Hawaii after the Vietnam conflict will be remembered by the many pictures I took with my old 110-film pocket camera and shared with the unit," he said.

The 13th Field Artillery Regiment was organized in 1917 and fought in World War I with the American Expeditionary Force.

"I came to the unit as a fresh sergeant in January 2004.

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