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Below are five great ways to let your date know you’re sober so you can both enjoy a fun and romantic alcohol-free evening together.

Remember that while telling your date you’re sober upfront is a great strategy for clearing the air, different people have different styles of sharing their sobriety.

Writer and editor Laura Barcella put it best when she said, “The biggest benefit of not drinking on a first date is that you see everything clearly, so you can more honestly assess whether you're having fun and enjoying the person you're with.

Dating sober people

The most difficult part of the sober dating ritual is telling the person you’re with that you’re sober.

While a seemingly daunting task, with a little strategy and practice it can become second nature.

" However you decide to tell your date you’re sober, keep in mind that avoiding this topic will only make it worse when you eventually have to come clean about your sobriety.

Being open and honest with your date can make your night go so much smoother and ease your anxieties about dating sober.

After downloading the app and registering, users can search profiles of single, sober people who live nearby.

According to a release, “Through Loosid, it’s easy to find other people who share your perspective, who know all too well that being sober doesn’t mean life has to be boring.” In addition to the dating component, the app contains information for people who would want to travel, take a yoga class, or participate in social events which don’t include alcohol.

When we think of dating, we normally think dancing, bars, and dinner, all of which typically tend to include alcohol.

Such dating rituals may seem commonplace for some of us, but for people who are trying to lead a sober life free of alcohol, trying to make a dry love connection can become pretty difficult.

It’s fantastic to see an app like Loosid providing people with sober opportunities in this alcohol infused, party-centric world.

Going to a bar can be great for some, but I think we can all agree trying something new with clarity and an open mind is a great experience for almost everyone.

With more and more of these individuals (including When we’re comfortable talking about our life and story, especially ones that are challenging, it’s important to have educational support on standby.

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