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A user-friendly interface helps the members be familiarized with the functions of the portal easily. The site's function is mainly for members to interact with one another on a more personal level.

Save 46% when you avail the 3-month plan, 63% when you subscribe to the 6-month plan, and 75% when you upgrade to the 12-month plan.

Since this dating site is centered on people who have an active lifestyle, whether they are into fitness, sports, or any outdoor activities, new members can check their skill's rating on specific fields.

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Its members are basically athletic, sporty, and into fitness.

These people are also looking for a partner and a gym buddy at the same time.

Fitness Singles is a dating site best for singles who have an active lifestyle.

What makes this dating site unique is that it promotes fitness dating, which means that online daters can engage in physical activities together, like jogging, swimming, playing tennis, and the like. It also has a feature called "Top 25" which features its 25 most popular members.

In comparison to other online dating sites, the profile information of a member in Fitness Singles is more detailed and informative.

Through this, a new member can already tell if he/she will get along with a particular member.Fitness Singles is not just for those who are physically fit or outdoor activity lovers; you can also find members in their 40's and 50's hoping to have a second chance at love.Fitness Singles is truly an online dating site for all ages.The profile interface is plain and simple, with minimal layouts.Therefore, your eyes will be focused on reading a member's profile information.Here, you can meet someone as fit as you are and someone who you can have a romantic connection with.

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