Dating sites for college kids

If you use the code STUDENTPERK you even get off your first service! I hate to break it to you, but as a college student, you’re basically an adult. You should probably have a general idea of what’s going on in the world.

It’s also an awesome platform for hunting for scholarships relevant to you.

Similar to Rate My Professor, this is another one of those websites for college students that, well, does just that.

And no risk of getting scammed since each order is fully covered by our Fan Protect™ Guarantee.getting scammed since each order is fully covered by our Fan Protect™ Guarantee.

Tons and tons…and tons of DIY project tutorials, including fun dorm room ideas.

But with this site, you’ll at least be able to type one up fairly quickly – just speak the words into the microphone and watch as they appear on the screen.

A great way to save any useful articles you stumble upon for future reference.

The software helps to simplify and clarify complex information – great for any courses that are over your head.

Another site providing helpful learning tools (flashcards, notes, study guides,etc).

Looking for a website where you can pick your school and your course and automatically find which book you need?

Meet e Follett, the easiest website to buy or rent your books for college with no hassle.

Again with the concept mapping (guys, this study technique might be on to something) – this website makes learning more visually compelling…and effective.

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