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People aged between 50-59 are the most likely victims accounting for a quarter of all frauds and losing just over £6 million.those aged between 40-49 accounted for less of the reported fraud, (22%) overall losses were greater at £8 million.

Almost two thirds (64%) of all romance scams orinignated on dating sites, followed by social media (25%) and 10% via email.

“It is also very important that if you think you are being targeted or have been a victim of dating fraud to report to Action Fraud.

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The site is so exclusive you have to pass an IQ test to even join.

Intelligent is intended for people with an IQ approximately in the top 15 per cent of the population, joining the ranks of other specialized dating sites targeting smarties — Bee My and Gk2stress brains over profile brawn.

If someone is keen to take their contact off the dating site very quickly, this could be a sign that they have something to hide.

“By following these steps, we hope we can put a stop to this targeted and emotional form of online crime.” City of London Police’s Commander Chris Greany, the Police National Coordinator for Economic Crime said:“Romance fraudsters are using every method available to exploit people looking for love - including dating websites, social media and direct emails.

When someone places a lot of trust and faith in a person who they think they know, they often don’t separate their emotional feelings from rationale.

Often when victims do start to suspect something isn’t quite right, they’re already in deep, so it’s extremely easy to ignore those little niggles of doubt and choose to trust someone – it’s this factor which online criminals exploit.However, it doesn’t hurt to place a little more caution when using these sites to start talking to someone, just as you would if you met a stranger in a bar or at a party.“What’s frustrating is that there are a minority of people who use online dating as a forum to target vulnerable people, knowing if they invest a lot of time into building a relationship with someone, they could potentially steal a lot of money.A joint partnership between the Government, the National Crime Agency (NCA), Ofcom, law enforcement bodies and private sector sponsors from the worlds of technology, communication, retail and finance, the initiative continues to educate, inform and raise awareness of internet security issues to encourage confident, safe use of the internet.Get Safe is supported by Barclays, Bob’s Business, Creative Virtual, HM Government, HSBC, Kaspersky Lab, Lloyds Banking Group, National Crime Agency (NCA), Symantec, Action Fraud, Ofcom, HSBC, Microsoft, Pay Pal, Symantec, Standard Life, Gumtree, Camelot, Detica, Stub Hub, Nominet, Purchase Seal, Valid Soft, Business Link, Charity Commission, Citizens Advice, The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), e-Crime Wales, Information Risk Management Plc, Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP), RG (Interactive Media in Retail Group), The International Association of Accountants Innovation & Technology Consultants (IAAITC), The Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA), Neighbourhood and Home Watch, PTA-UK, Safe Buy, Safer Jobs, Scottish Crime & Drug Enforcement Agency, Scottish Police College, The Scottish Business Crime Centre and UK Online Centres.If you are interested in becoming a partner or supporter of Get Safe Online, please visit: https:// Fraud is the UK’s national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre where all fraud should be reported.

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