Dating selfish boyfriend

And outside of sex he doesn’t really do anything physical with you either.This is a tell-tale sign that he’s a selfish lover.In fact, you find him asking numerous times if you have.

Though not all men enjoy PDA and all that, a man who won’t show you any physical affection is purely selfish.

When you’re in bed, he is always in control, and he’s always on top of you, never the other way around, and never in some other position.

Selfishness in a relationship is hardly a good thing.

Some men are selfish in bed while others are more selfish in general terms.

The impact of what he does simply doesn’t matter, and when someone tries to blame him, he just brushes it off and goes on about his business. He sees it as a waste of money and would rather keep it in his pocket. Cheap guys, at least towards others, tend to be pretty selfish lovers.

In any part of the relationship that deals with decision making, it all boils down to being his way or no way. When he’s with you or when he’s around other people, he feels entitled to everything.

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When the two of you have a conversation, it is all about him.

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