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If you are the kind of person that likes to dive head first in to a book about love and dating, then there is no better place to start than with this top ten list.Any book by Barbara De Angelis is a good place to start; she is often regarded as one of the founding mothers of relationship self-help literature.

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When it comes to the complicated subject of love, we can’t always trust out instincts to let us know that we are doing everything right.

From having a crush to dating to trying to maintain a relationship, there are always points in a person’s love life where they need a little helping hand to guide them in the right direction.

Super interesting and gives you a completely fresh perspective on romance.

Well-qualified through her position as resident love expert on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Kailen’s book aims to help you let go of all the baggage that is holding you back from finding true love, and she even lays out a 30-day plan that will ensure you are completely love ready in a month.

He kills a lot of idols and helps readers understand what they do and don’t want to do for success and that, while, sometimes it’s good to be more like Spiderman and less like Genghis, it’s always better to look at both critically.

But they are full of information that can help you be a little bit better. Drawing from an unlikely assortment of figures (Buddha, Genghis Khan, and Spiderman are all here.) Barker breaks down what are ultimately toxic and unhealthy ideas of success and provides direction to achieve success that’s sustainable, and reproducible.

Today, Bridgewater is one of the most preeminent private companies in the country, and this book offers a peek into that process, serving as part case study, part introspective memoir, and part ruthless self-critique.

Dallio’s biggest assertion in is that there are rules for everything — business, management, investing — and that if someone follows them, they’re set for success.

gives a comedians perspective on the dating game, and lays down a short and simple concept that many women might find it hard to accept: if he isn’t pulling his weight and stepping up to the plate, then perhaps it might be time for you to move on instead of trying to fix him!

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