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The most critical issue is independence in appearance and independence in fact.

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Either the high or low ratio only indicates the magnitude of dating in the workplace, but what people should concern more about is actually the effect of workplace romance.

According to the research called , there are two types of dating relationships in the workplace: lateral and hierarchical.

The superiors have the opportunities to assign easier projects and to provide better comments to the subordinates, which violates the fairness and equality among other employees.

Additionally, the superiors may use their connections at the top to offer more opportunities to the people they date compared to others.

However, there will be ethical issues related to the projectivity and quality of their work.

On the one hand, “job productivity can be negatively affected by romance, because of long lunches, extended discussions behind closed doors, missed meetings, late arrivals, early departures, and errors” (Wilson 7).

And the difference between lateral and hierarchical approaches may result in a different level of ethical significance of the workplace dating.

Based on Steven Mintz’s viewpoints, I do agree with him that there will be a conflict of interest when people date their subordinates, which refers to the hierarchical dating.

Bruch also found that a man’s desirability increased the more education he attained.

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