Dating practice

Pat Allen, author of "Getting to 'I Do,'” to describe the practice of dating to nurture and develop your skills. Dating without chemistry is a great way to clarify what you want and who you are. By discovering your attachment style you’ll bring an awareness to dating and will suffer less.

But when you hit your 30s, more people are career-focused and a lot of people have settled into partnership so your social circles are divided between single and married and are probably smaller.

In your 40s it switches again with divorce, kids, career changes, etc.

Keeping the on-line door open makes way for miracles.

I have a client who met a cute guy online but it fizzled before they actually met.

Work on yourself: All dates are an opportunity for you to learn more about you.

Instead of looking for someone to "save" you or be "the one," begin to cultivate a life you’d want to share with someone.

By getting to know two to three people at the same time you are more likely to stay balanced and focused on your own life even when you do find chemistry with someone. Often we are dating in a haze, hoping we’ll be shown what we want when the right person comes along, but it doesn’t work that way.

Know your attachment style: "Attached" by Amir Levine, M. I’m not asking about the obvious things like are they funny or do they like to travel?

The truth is you are disappointed and probably need to move on. Date without attachment to outcome and it will be fun. She received her bachelor of arts in drama from the University of Washington and currently resides in Los Angeles.

She is the founder of The Intensives for Radical Healing, Consciousness, and Grace.

About a month later they were at the same place at the same time and because he knew she was single he approached her and the rest is history.

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