Dating porthedland

According to Dreamtime legend, there was a huge blind water snake living in the landlocked area of water known as Jalkawarrinya.This landlocked area is now the turning basin for the ships that enter the port and as the story goes, "the coming of the big ships meant it was unable to stay".The detention centre, situated on the beach front, was formerly a single-men's quarters for Mount Newman Mining Co.

The coastline in the area was seen by European mariners as early as 1628, when the Dutch merchant ship Vianen, captained by Gerrit Franszoon de Witt visited.

Swedish-born mariner Peter Hedland was the first European to note the harbour's existence and the possibility of using it as a port.

A lack of accommodation made it difficult for companies to operate efficiently, as they were unable to house staff or consultants within the town's small number of hotels.

The centre is now operating as the Beachfront Village.

The plane had flown from Perth without incident until about 10 minutes before landing at Port Hedland.

The aircraft suffered catastrophic failure of the spar in the right wing. All 26 on board, including both pilots and two flight attendants, were killed.

Port Hedland has a natural deep anchorage harbour which, as well as being the main fuel and container receival point for the region, was seen as perfect for shipment of the iron ore being mined in the ranges located inland from the town.

The ore is moved by railway from four major iron ore deposits to the east and south of the Port Hedland area.

These large mounds have almost become a tourist attraction in their own right.

Port Hedland is known by the Indigenous Kariyarra and Nyamal people as Marapikurrinya, which either means "place of good water" (as told by a Nyamal language speaker) and makes reference to the three reliable fresh water soaks that can still be seen in and around the town, or as the town council's website says "refers to the hand like formation of the tidal creeks coming off the harbour (marra - hand, pikurri - pointing straight and nya - a place name marker)".

In 1967, iron ore was discovered at Mount Whaleback, and a mining venture was undertaken that included the establishment of a new town, Newman, 426 km of rail from the mine to the port and the development of processing equipment at both Newman and Port Hedland.

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