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For a long time this city was under the radar, but Drake has kind of changed all that.

Some local players probably hate him for it, but for the rest of us he has done a good service. This is a very diverse city with people from all over the world, a huge percent of the population weren’t born here making this a very transient town.

Plus, Torontonians enjoy keeping their options open. Also keep in mind, since many Torontonians enjoy dating apps, don't be surprised if you stumble upon the guy that was sending winks to you last night. New spots open up on a monthly basis, allowing you to . King West, Ossington, Yorkville, Distillery District... The list of popular spots in different parts of Toronto can go on and on...

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Boxcar Social also has locations in four separate Toronto neighbourhoods, and they serve everything from café favourites to whisky, wine and beer.

Cafés that serve multiple purposes also serve as great places for you to grab a bevvie of choice, sit on your lonesome with a book/magazine/newspaper in hand, and organically meet other locals.

Toronto singles have more options than they realize … I mean, I had to give them an affirmative head nod for a job well done in the ‘where to take a date’ department.

On a Monday night I was out for dinner at Superpoint on Ossington and couldn’t help but be surprised at how many first dates were happening right around me. I was with a girlfriend who looked over at me helplessly as she asked me, the dating expert, how all these people met in the first place?

As I sipped my sparkling red wine and awaited my classic pizza, my eyes shifted across the room to the tune of the chill indie music playing in the background, in the hopes of making eye-contact with each couple.

She’s strictly against dating apps, so swiping for a mate is out of the question for her.Unlike your typical coffee shops, these spots bring out a more creative crowd, while the space gives you something to talk about to break the ice.The dating scene in Toronto can be a lot to handle for those that aren't from the city.Take a look at this list in order to brush up your knowledge: Read also: Many people who live in Toronto, love the busy city life because there's always something going on.If you're in a committed relationship, all that fun will be cut in half. Because why not go on a lunch date with someone who works in the same district or goes to school with you? Torontonians are big time foodies, especially when it comes to restaurants.If this sounds a little Pretty Woman to you, I can assure you it’s not.

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