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But at the same time, your Facebook profile might contain information you don’t want strangers to know about you right away, such as your employer or where you went to school.

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Don't Bother Paying at First Most dating apps have both a free and paid version.

Choosing not to shell out for the paid membership option won’t stop you from meeting the partner of your dreams.

In the worst, a harasser or stalker could continue trying to communicate with you even after you block them.

Dating apps also allow users to import their Facebook photos.

On the one hand, this is a good thing: Importing information from the social network can give you an extra layer of security, since it allows you to tell which potential matches have Facebook friends in common with you.

It’s often less risky to meet up with someone with whom you share a mutual connection. Flirting from your phone can be fun, as well as alluringly convenient—make a match on your morning commute! It takes time and effort to sort through the crowd to find someone you want to get a drink with, and you’re certain to face disappointments along the way. Welcome to the delightful (and sometimes horrifying) world of dating apps.Then in 20 I was commissioned by to shoot their #loveyourimperfections campaign for social media.Match asked me to photograph total strangers in the streets of London (with their permission) and ask them to share their imperfection in order to tell a little story to suit their campaign.But keep in mind that friends and family, whose photos may be on your Instagram, might not necessarily be comfortable being seen by strangers as part of your dating activity.

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