3 years dating no proposal - Dating older men problems

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Even in a romantic situation where it’s just the two of you, he might not show his affection clearly enough for you to notice / understand.

The majority of Japanese men admit that they’re never saying the “3 little words” (I love you).

If you like a Japanese guy, you should at least give him an obvious hint (e.g. And hopefully, he’s going to notice your feelings and ask you out if he’s also interested in you.

This is the most common complaint I hear from foreign women when they’re dating a Japanese man.

Japanese language itself is quite a subtle language.

We use nuanced words, tone of voice and other subtle clues that communicate feelings all the time.

By immersing yourself in the Japanese culture and talking to as many Japanese people as possible, you’ll surely get used to it at some point.

Growing up in Japan, I thought it’s completely normal to work all day long with lots of overtime.

But just because a Japanese guy isn’t approaching you actively, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not interested.

Please don’t stick to the old-fashioned idea that men should always make the first move.

As you might know, Japanese people are very sensitive about how they’re judged by others (the so-called fear of “losing face”).

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