Dating old photos of children

Skirts are full and rounded with flounces or layers of ruffles with a hoop worn underneath.

Hair continues to look like the 1850s – parted in the middle, ears showing, volume at the side of the face.

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Skirts have “tulip bell” shape—snug and smooth over the hips with a dramatic flare at the hem.

Hair in a pompadour style; huge and elaborately decorated hats.

Hair styled softly, with no severity and excessive height, highly decorative additions to hair.

Decorations on dress concentrated on the bodice; high, stiff, straight collars; leg-o’-mutton sleeves; exaggerated poof between shoulder and elbow.

It was what they were most comfortable wearing, what they knew how to sew, and what they already had in their closet.

Therefore, when dating photographs of middle-aged or older women, it is useful to pay attention to every clue in the image.[1]Girls’ hair parted in the center. Boys wore Little Lord Fauntleroy suits between 18.“Breeching” happened when a boy was placed in pants or knickers rather than skirts.If you need assistance putting a story to the photographs in your collection, Legacy Tree Genealogists can provide a well-researched narrative history of an individual, a couple, or an entire family. With a Master's degree in history, Kate loves to help clients really see into the lives of their ancestors.She is a gifted writer and has a great breadth of experience that helps her gather treasured details about a person's heritage.Hair was parted in the middle, ears probably show, the hair is styled so that there is volume at the side of the face.The sleeves are set into the bodice to make a sloping shoulder look; the corset is designed to flatten and support the bosom.High, tight collars; corsets created very small waists; sleeves have a “poof” at the top of the shoulder, moving toward leg-o’-mutton style.

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