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Maybe that senior citizen down at the hair salon can be of help if you don’t have a sense of historic styles, and of course there is always the Internet.Just type in “hat styles of the 1930s, or 1940s,” or whatever year you can guess and then compare what you have to what was popular at the time.I have inherited over a dozen photo albums just like this, and it gets even better as all the photographs inside are each captioned by hand in white ink.

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Yet this is not always completely reliable when it comes to the exact month and year a negative was exposed in the camera, as sometime a roll would sit around in the camera or in a drawer for years before it was processed (and thus acquired its printed date). I was seven years old, and didn’t understand the concept of a “vacation.” I thought they were maybe gone forever.

Still, such dates are very helpful in lending a general sense of when a photograph was made, except in cases like that of the photo immediately above. I cried and cried, and wanted them to come back as soon as possible. Boxes containing my dad’s home movies again serve to help identify the time and place of these invaluable family records, information that will follow these films as they are converted into digital files and then copied onto DVDs for me to share with the rest of my family.

During this period, many local photographers stamped their business name and studio location directly on the border or back of the photograph. But note: People would often travel a couple hundred miles to get their photos taken in the big city, but you can safely assume that the person in the photo spent some time around the named city or town.

Here are some other ways to identify the location: This one is a bit more simple than the others, but it's worth stating again.

Not only did my maternal grandparents write the subject (images of their home at 2211 Grandin Road / Xmas / snow in the yard / the sitting room) and the date (1963) on this box of slides, they also wrote “2211 Grandin” on one of the slides (the Grandin Road house was in Cincinnati, Ohio).

Lastly, the interior of the box, underneath the 24 slides, was imprinted with the date of processing – January 27, 1964.

THIS is why I’m keeping prints and negs in the same original envelopes until the time comes to transfer them—and this important identification info—into archival print and negative envelopes, archival print pages, or archival albums.

When such date references are not found, dating photos is still possible by asking those who are in them what’s what.

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For more recent photos, you'll need to rely on clues from the photo itself: Next to the date, the location is the most important thing that can help you identify a family photograph.

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