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Just follow and you will soon wake up next to your beautiful and passionate (and naked) Kenyan girlfriend…​Kenyan women don’t bite, at least not when you don’t want it. Well, good to know that the girls were still interested in me.My tip: Domestic violence caused by male alcoholism is a big issue in Africa.

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Even though it is relatively small, it is the leading Kenyan dating site and still the best choice for Western men who want to meet women from this African country.

You might have to wait up to 48 hours for a reply because most girls are not online all the time, but you will discover that the high response rate from the women makes up for this. Most of them have curves that could make Amber Rose jealous.

And you can believe me when I say that the Platinum Membership is worth it…​But why should you even upgrade your account? I uploaded a picture that shows me with glasses (yeah, I’m getting old) and as you could see in the message I shared with you earlier, some of the girls called me handsome.​Let’s get this party started. It’s ready to get filled because right now it’s empty like a desert.

Well, because it’s the only way you can send messages to the hundreds of Kenyan beauties who only have a free account. Do you drink yourself to death every weekend or do you love to play hide and seek with your horse Jerry and your fish Eduard?

I am looking for someone I can count on for I have been described as very friendly, generous, nice, strong though a bit shy.

I am very loyal, considerate and passionate about what I do in the charity sector.

Kenyan women love men who don’t drink.​I wanted to know if I still get dates with Kenyan women, even when I’m honest about my intention to jump in bed with other women.

As it turns out, the fact that I “maybe accept polyamory” didn’t stop these dark-skinned beauties from wanting to meet me.

In order to find out if Kenyan Cupid or Afro Introductions is better to meet Kenyan women, I first had a look at the traffic increase of both sites within the past three months (yes, I’m a nerd).

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