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As both NHTSA’s administrator and an emergency physician, I wholeheartedly endorse the vision and the convictions to be found within the pages that follow. Ho MT, Eisenberg MS, Litwin PE, et al: Delay between onset of chest pain and seeking medical care: The effect of public education.

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Fast forward nearly three decades, and Anunay and Clemencia are the ones in charge." Once you have received CPR training, get alerted to sudden cardiac arrests in your immediate vicinity, so that you can start CPR in the critical lifesaving minutes before EMS teams arrive.

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Elamkulam Manakkal Sankaran Namboodiripad (13 June 1909 – 19 March 1998), popularly EMS, was an Indian communist politician and theorist, who served as the first Chief Minister of Kerala state in 1957–59 and then again in 1967–69.

As a member of the Communist Party of India (CPI), he became the first non-Indian National Congress chief minister in the Indian republic. As chief minister, EMS pioneered radical land and educational reforms in Kerala, which helped.

It will have the ability to identify and modify illness and injury risks, provide acute illness and injury care and follow-up, and contribute to treatment of chronic conditions and community health monitoring. Hamman BL, Qcue JI, Miller FD, et al: Helicopter transport of trauma victims: Does a physician make a difference?

This new entity will be developed from redistribution of existing health care resources and will be integrated with other health care providers and public health and public safety agencies.

The EMS Agenda for the Future provides an opportunity to examine what has been learned during the past three decades and create a vision for the future. Garrison HG, Foltin G, Becker L, et al: Consensus statement: The Role of Out-of-Hospital Emergency Medical Services in Primary Injury Prevention. Gershon RRM, Vlahov D, Kelen G, Conrad B, Murphy C: Review of accidents/injuries among emergency medical services workers in Baltimore, Maryland.

This opportunity comes at an important time, when those agencies, organizations, and individuals that affect EMS are evaluating its role in the context of a rapidly evolving health care system. Garrison HG, Downs SM, Mc Nutt RA, Griggs TR: A cost effectiveness analysis of pediatric intraosseous infusion as a prehospital skill. Consensus Workshop on the Role of EMS in Injury Prevention, Arlington, VA, August 25-26, 1995, Final Report. Garza M (ed): Paramedics report many on-duty assaults.

The Agenda describes 14 EMS attributes and proposes continued development of them, enabling all of us to strive for a vision that emphasizes a critical role for EMS in caring for our nation’s health. Atlanta: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1993, 377-432. Jolley S, Delbridge T: A description of the system wide application of transcutaneous cardiac pacing in an urban EMS system.

Our EMS experiences over the past 30 years provide us with a basis on which to create the future. Hunt RC, Bass RR, Graham RG, et al: Standing orders vs.

"Young cadets Queen Anunay and Kishia Clemencia stood out in their class at the D. fire academy as being among the few women in a male-dominated field.

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