Dating mappin webb silver plate marks dating in utah

The banded napkin ring holder has in its center a leaf design with the space for engraving.

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The rest of the mechanism is there and is very much like a lamp burner with a cylinder shaped wick.

Greetings, I have no Idea why these makers can't make it easier to identify their work.

Without a more specific understanding of the mark, I have this spoon dated 1863-1898 based on the firm's chronology. The resources and the forum have been most helpful in deciphering these marks.

I am not an expert plated items but have looked into M&W, albeit fairly superficially.

Featuring an elegant ball footed English toast rack dating to the 19th century.

Graceful shape with nice shell, scroll and rope detail on base. (Electroplated Nickel Silver) and EPBM (Electroplated Britannia Metal) are the most common names attributed to silver plate items. Ltd, Ashberry, Austrian Silver, Brazilian Silver D&A Trademark of Daniel and Arter, Buxbridge - Trademark name of JT&Co., Electrum, Encore TT&Co Trademark of T. Wostenholm & Son, Insignia Plate, JB&S EP A1, JD&S = John Dixon & Sons, K & TL , M&W Mappin and Webb, N. New Silver, Nevada Silver D&A Trademark of Daniel and Arter, Norwegian Silver; Trademark of WG&S, Pelican Silver JGNS, Potosi Silver N&S WP, RN&S EP Neill, Silverite = Trademark of W P & Co , Sonora Silver = Trademark of Walker and Hall, Spur Silver = Trademark of E B & Co for Edwin Blyde & Co, Stainless N.This two bottle stand has a Gothic railing surrounding the bottle section, and a handle adorned by the three Graces with birds on the handle.NOTE: THIS CAMEL HAS THE END OF ITS TAIL, often missing, STILL IN TACT.All you need to do is click on the link just under the green box at the top of this page where is says "How to post photos" and it will take you through the steps.

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