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And while some would like to meet their future husband "by coincidence" or through work, there is still caution about "love marriages". It's not that I don't want one, but our contact with guys is not that good, and a guy talks his perfect talk when he sees a girl so it could be a misjudgement.Family marriage is a bit more risk-free," says accounting student Maryam Abdullah Bin Bilaila, 19.

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At Dubai Men's College I meet several bright, studious young men.

Most want to wait until they are established in careers and in their late twenties before marrying.

The 20-year-old says he has used the technology to send notes to girls he sees in public places.

"In our country it's very rude to go up and talk to them," he says.

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As part of a series on young people in the Middle East, the BBC News website discovers how technology is aiding the secret liaisons of young men and women in the conservative culture of the United Arab Emirates.

It happens in malls, cinemas and cafes - in Dubai's notorious traffic jams, and now by mobile phone.

Traditionally, a young man's first amorous approach to a woman is supposed to be a marriage proposal made by his parents to her parents.

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