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But while was even more compact, taking a mere five days from start to finish.

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“I have been dragging around your sensitive ego,” she tells an ex-friend or lover — soon concluding, with characteristic swagger, that she’ll “drop your troubles off at the conveyor belt/I hand you a ticket to, go get it yourself.” Mr.

Needy is left doing loops on the suitcase carousel while Lambert’s rocking out in the unloading zone.

“ came out on a single that died in the 30s.” (For the record, that would be “Dead Flowers,” which marked the very last time that programmers were unsure whether to take a chance on Lambert.) “So I’m excited and so thankful.

Because I don’t blame the program directors and DJs who used to have to put my songs on and have the listeners go, ‘What the hell is this? But I’ve played so many tours and been on the road so much, I feel like people get me now.

Reflective singles like “Famous in a Small Town” proved her wise beyond her tender years, and rowdy ones like “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” proved her bold beyond all expectations of just how a country freshman should be.

Her recent nuptials to fellow country star Blake Shelton only heightened fans’ natural curiosity: Is she really a raging, red-hot rock & roll mama or blushing country bride?

But, as most of the watching world has figured out by now, Lambert is not the type to easily buckle just because she’s squeezed three major life events into the middle of her tour schedule.

“My goal was to have everything lined up and have the songs picked out before the wedding,” she says.

So when “Baggage Claim” was released to country radio stations in August, Lambert realized she was something she’d never expected to become: an automatic add.

She’s thrilled with her own radio success because, prior to , she’d never even had a top 5 single.

Two years ago, as that make-or-break effort was prepared for takeoff, you didn’t have to listen far to hear whispers that maybe those same cutting-edge qualities that made her an award-show queen and press darling would be the kiss of death when the commercial rubber hit the road.

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