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I don't like what it says about a person's natural self. ) at the side of her breast on the left pic..must be the one thing they must've forgotten, the line running thru to her on the first pic is perfection like u've neva seen b4. Accompanying an article in which Winslet proclaimed, "All I know from the men I've ever spoken to is that they like girls to have an arse on them", the pictures of the normally curvy Winslet were particularly hard to digest.looking like the child she isnow let's c...i'll start with the eyebrow which u can clearly c on the first pic gore ngwana o Modimo ga a motima seriba but there's very little of that on the 2nd pic. all i can say here is i don't know what to believe...i know girlfriend is a beauty but what are we left to think with this picture here???? But finding anyone willing to talk about the extent of digital alteration and the forms that it takes is extremely difficult.

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I've spent years working in hollywood, and every single photo gets retouched, don't kid yourself..

celebrities in general get a percentage of photo approvals, for example, Pamela Anderson on a film session would get 25% approvals, meaning that she could kill 25% of all the photos the photographer took.

Posted by Bossip Staff AK recently told Tyra Banks that having sex on her piano is at the “top of her list” of things to do. Why hasn’t that Krucial character helped her out with that yet?

She also describes her relationship with this Krucial character as “dating”. Tyra had her questions ready, she probably wanted some of that bangin’ AK for herself.

They look pretty good anyway." Think about the implications of that statement, and it's horrifying - the fact that magazine readers are looking at titillating images of people who aren't actually very attractive.

This is also where poor old Ruskin and his aversion to pubic hair comes back in. ___________________________i tried to google the word airbrushing but only found technical jargon which made no sense...i then found 2 articles that explain the term more clearly.I spoke to several art editors at successful men's magazines: all were extremely reluctant to discuss airbrushing, and refused outright to say if their magazines had guidelines over what level of airbrushing was acceptable.Luckily, Kylie and Melanie took it on the chin, but I surely can't be the only one who finds something creepy about photographers and art directors removing women's clothes from photos (without their consent) for use on magazine covers?There's no way to return the airbrushing genie to his bottle, but the time has surely come for the conspiracy of silence about its practice to end.And if you haven't got the looks then you aint worth the time. It's because they've overrated everything it's so bad u can't believe ur eyes. Mara le airbrushing i fihla ubuhle bakhe ba nge how perfectly defined her eyebrows are on the 2nd looks silky smooth and fault free...teeth are whiter and straighter..are whiter and shape is different..the nose..look at it! Thousands - perhaps hundreds of thousands - of other images in magazines are more subtly altered.

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