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The condition you fear will happen has already happened.To be formally alone would merely mean concretising…He assumes that the service should not be to demanding, so that he will be able to finish his doctoral thesis. He faces emotionally difficult situations related to both love and death.

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See full summary » Following his manifesto for a new Swedish cinema, director Widerberg started his career with this realist tale of young woman, Britt, who has two flings, but finds herself with difficult decisions when she finds herself pregnant. Lucy's feast day, a bandit daringly robs a crowded post office. Two cops from vice squad, Johansson and Jarnebring, who were... See full summary » The film is based on a true occurrence in Sweden in 1988. A married woman becomes his new partner for a while.

See full summary » Malmö, Sweden during the Second World War. A Finish couple murdered a young boy and his parents when they prevented the theft of the son's bicycle. See full summary » A film director has problems coping with his wife and marriage. ' Kärlek 65' (' Love 65' in English) is one of my favourite films.

Det är inte alltid lätt att hitta kärleken men den finns där ute.

Här har vi samlat så mycket det bara går om kärlek på nätet.

Breaking Up & Heartbreak For noble and very understandable reasons, we’ve come to associate maturity and kindness with a capacity not to give up on people.

Our heroes and heroines keep faith with those they… You are, to a far greater extent than you perhaps realise, already alone.

Love 65 is a far better film and is in my opinion easily the best film Widerberg made.

Love 65 is basically about a film director (and his family and friends)played by Keve Hjälm who is working on his latest film but seems to be finding it hard to concentrate on making movies and apart from a brief shooting scene we mostly get to see other aspects of his life: in Stockholm, at his country cottage by the sea, an extra-marital affair, and so on.

Det kan vara allt ifrån att köpa fantastiskt god choklad och krypa upp i fåtöljen för att lyssna på favoritpodden, att få tips på den perfekt maten vid första dejten eller en underbart frestande rätt som kanske sätter extra fart på lustarna i en långvarigt eller nytt förhållande, till att att unna oss de där riktigt exklusiva, sköna, och eller vackra underkläderna inför en date.

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