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Limestone is a rock that consists of over 50% calcium carbonate and can be either formed through carbonate precipitation, or the accumulation of marine organisms.

Limestone is often abundant in fossils and therefore geologists can determine the environmental conditions when the sediments were initially deposited.

Conglomerate is a type of sandstone that contains a wide variety of particle sizes.

Relative dating does not give a precise age of a rock, but determines whether it is older or younger than another rock – placing rocks in their sequence of formation.

There are laws of relative dating which guide geologists to be able to determine the relative age of rocks.

The way that it can be determined that the islands were formed from volcanic eruptions, and when they were formed, is by looking at the record that is contained in the rocks of the islands.

One of the first things you can do to determine the geological history of an area is to look at the types of rocks that are present.

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Other whole-rock samples may give 75 – 85 % of the true age.

Young volcanic glasses may also be used for dating if they have not been devitrified but probably give somewhat low ages even in the best cases.

The Auckland Islands consist mainly of basalt, but there are also some occurrences of granite, gabbro, sandstone, conglomerate and limestone.

Basalt, granite and gabbro are all igneous rocks – they form when magma rises from the mantle and cools.

The granite and gabbro found on the Auckland Islands are intrusive igneous rocks, whereas the basalt is extrusive igneous rock, therefore of volcanic origin.

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