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Give a set amount of time and use a timer to monitor progress and stop the drawer’s turn.The drawer’s team calls out guesses as to what the drawing is.

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It has been said the key to a man’s heart is through their stomach and this couple’s icebreaker game draws on this premise.

Place apples, donuts, cookies with holes, or large soft pretzels on 2 foot strings.

Have the men sit in chairs blindfolded while the women stand behind them holding the string in front of their blindfolded mate with the chosen attached food.

The men must attempt to eat the entire item and the first couple to succeed wins.

If you have a this game is played at almost every couple gathering, it never gets old.

Pick some couples to play the game and have the women leave the room.

Give a prize if you wish to the person who gets the most couples right.

Number the hearts on the back and keep a list of the corresponding couple’s names to provide the answers.

Although a bit messy and requiring advanced preparation, this icebreaker game for couples is certain to be one your guests will remember long after the party is over.

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