Dating hiv someone

During any sexual contact, the tender mucous membrane of the genitals, the oral cavity, the rectum, etc.

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If after chatting on a pos dating site you want to meet with an HIV person, then you need to prepare for it.

In principle, dating HIV-positive people are no different from meetings of ordinary people.

The status of a person with HIV imposes on him certain limitations in terms of communication and social life. Therefore, many infected leads a rather modest and lonely lifestyle.

Thanks to specialized aids dating sites, they had the opportunity to quickly find HIV people like them. On the other hand, every young man realizes that he most likely will not be able to live to old age and this creates certain problems and certain doom. Someone to invite into your world to journey together with?

The risk of HIV infection increases: Therefore, you and your partner should be as honest with each other as possible.

Therefore, before the start of intimate relationships, everyone should know about the health of their partner.

When you use HIV dating sites you should talk about this.

HIV, like other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), is possible with any form of sexual contact (gay and heterosexual relationships, anal, vaginal, oral sex).

Use condoms and latex wipes to protect against HIV and STIs.

It is better to use tight (Extra strong) condoms with lubricant, which includes Spermicide.

Infection with HIV / STIs is possible by contact of mucous membranes containing microbes and viruses, or through infected sperm, vaginal secretions, or pre-ejaculate or blood from microcracks.

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