Dating history of john mayer

Thank you to my band, the crew, and all of you for making this tour so wonderful. She and Hiddleston were spotted dancing together at the Met Gala in 2016 which is believed to be what sparked their relationship.

With huge hits like “Daughters” and “Your Body is a Wonderland”, the singer always manages to pull at the heartstrings of his listeners and top the music charts while doing so.

A lot of his songs are about his past relationships, which leads many to wonder about John Mayer’s dating timeline. Aside from his incredible musical talents and undeniable good looks, there’s only one other thing that John Mayer is really known for: his ability to romance and entice some of the most beautiful and talented women in Hollywood.

Her current relationship seems to be a bit different from all the rest, though.

Her relationship with actor Joe Alwyn seems to be one of the most substantial that she has had in years.

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The Grammy Award Winner has been through so many ups and downs in his romantic life that he could easily give Taylor Swift a run for her money!

Ironically, the two of them briefly dated, but it didn’t really go anywhere.

“Joe could definitely be the one.” Though they have spent much of their relationship in private and on two different continents, Swift always made time to see Alwyn.

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