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This hand gesture is very popular with lawyers, politicians and priests (it does resemble praying, don't you think?) and while it shows great confidence, you should not use it when you're trying to gain someone's trust...

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People in leadership positions often hold their hands behind their back...

it's a pose that shows power, and confidence, as it exposes the vulnerable parts of the body. Another show of confidence and feeling superior is by showing the thumbs.

It also improves your posture and opens up the air ways, so you gain more energy and feel more confident as you do this. It could be as shown here, but any position where the thumbs are visible will do the trick.

Some people don't hold their hands but have one hand hold the wrist or the arm. Holding your jacket with your thumb up, or have them stuck out of your back pockets are similar hand gestures that will do the trick.

Bill Deane, who served as the senior research associate at the National Baseball Library and Archive from 1986 to 1994, published his own view of the claim about Hoy in 2012.

In his Deane argued that the deaf community’s version of events amounts to the promulgation of a “Hoy myth.” He concluded, “The consensus is that standardized umpires’ hand signals first appeared in the big leagues about 1906, give or take a year.

I have often been told by frequenters of the game that they take considerable delight in watching the coacher signal balls and strikes to me, as by these signals they can know to a certainty what the umpire with a not too overstrong voice is saying.[iv] It seems, faced with his own suddenly not too “overstrong” voice, that O’Loughlin adopted Dummy Hoy’s mute signal code for himself. For years, deaf baseball fans have argued that Dummy Hoy brought umpires’ signs, in particular the signs for balls and strikes, into the game.

And for years, hearing baseball researchers have denied that this was true.

the hand steeple can make you look arrogant and schmug. The reverse hand steeple is similar to the hand steeple, but this gesture is used more often during listening, where the hand steeple is used more often during talking.

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