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And if you’re destination-focused then the journey doesn’t really stop even if you’re by yourself.

With a courtship mentality you’re still preparing your heart, your life, and your mind for marriage. Conclusion Dating could be described as being in a car for the sake of being in a car.

It’s all about the destination, and that destination is marriage.

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You may even attempt to drop a hint or two about it, but eventually quit--realizing it falls on deaf ears.

You will let it go, though and give him space; because it is his money and he can spend it on whatever he wants, even if it isn't you.

The absolute apple of my boyfriend's eye is not me, as it should be; but his 2006 Volkswagen Golf GTI.

He will dump thousands of dollars into his car without blinking and eye, but worry about the price of essential life items, He is a car guy through and through!

It may be hard to understand for some people, but us ladies who are fortunate enough to love these guys know the struggle is all too real.

If you are dating a car guy, you will find that he will literally dump thousands of dollars into his car for what seems like no reason.While he may dump thousands of dollars into his car, you may find him reluctant to take you out to a nice dinner or even buy you a piece of jewelry.You will become frustrated, blaming the car and all those fancy parts he spends tons of money on.It’s about being with you because I’m intent on getting to know you on a deeper level.It’s about being with you because I believe you could be the one I spend the rest of my life with. Maybe somewhere down the road you find out that he or she wasn’t the one for you and you both part ways.Yes, you might make a turn or two that will point you towards marriage and yes, a very select few couples actually make it there, but marriage doesn’t have to be the goal.

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