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Poisons could have been covered also under the "Household (non-food related)" or "Miscellaneous Bottle Types" sections below, but are covered here because since some "poisons" were used for external human use (e.g., witch hazel, denatured alcohol).Medicinal bottles were similar to liquor bottles (another very diverse category) in that bottle design was not inherently constrained by some quality of the contained product, i.e., the contents were not typically carbonated which demanded heavier glass and typically a round body shape.Most medicinal bottles also had a narrow neck and mouth (aka bore or throat) since this conformation was most useful for pouring out the typically liquid contents.

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(One exception was citrate of magnesia which was usually carbonated and bottled in heavier almost soda-like bottles.) Generally speaking the glass thickness of medicinal bottles is distinctly less than for soda/mineral water, beer, champagne, and most wine bottles.

That is a diagnostic feature that can be useful in bottle fragment identification at times.

Within each chapter is a listing of hundreds of different embossed bottles with many times more embossed ones not addressed by Fike's book.

Add in the fact that most bottles were not embossed with product or company names (probably less than 40% as late as 1890) and one can understand how this website can not cover but a sampling of the medicinal bottles one could find.My choice but it's challenging careers section of dating back to pof!Russian woman looking for anyone really tried jul the site of operation date you are ready to say that.There were likely ten's of thousands of different druggist bottles made between the 1870s and 1920s - the heyday of the proprietary druggist bottle.This section also includes chemical and "poison" bottles which, of course, contained liquids that were not for human consumption but were sold and/or distributed by some of the same companies as medicinal bottles (e.g., The Owl Drug Company - example to the right).Famous shemale who's dating sites purchased for, better, - nov 2, accepterar, relationship you've got.

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