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24 ratchet; DURO-671 CHICAGO ratchet; & WALDEN WORCESTER Patent 3/4-in.

Two E&M Pollak plane books: A Supplement To American Wooden Panes & Prices Realized on Rare Imprinted American Wooden Planes 1979 - 1992, Supplement a bit worn on the outside, Prices Realized book is fine. TOOLS FROM PACIFIC NORTHWEST COLLECTIONS - GROUP I 1973 spiral bound book printed in 1973 by the Early American Industries Association - West Pacific Northwest Section, minor cover wear, inside is fine.

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This auction featured the woodworking tool collection of Bob Elgin, a long time M-WTCA member and avid bowl carver from St. In addition to Bob's tools, we sold a number of tools consigned by three different collectors from Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri & Illinois.

There were tools & books in the auction to fit any budget. Starrett end cutters "FOR MUSIC WIRE" USMC (United Shoe Machinery Corp.) lasting pincer/hammer combo tool; SARGENT nippers; Unknown "Young's Patent" tool; & unknown saw set.

25; plus "American Folk Toys" pamphlet and Whittling And Woodcarving book by Tangerman. (American Woodworker magazines (8 total) March/April 1988, Vol. (Five books & booklets on tools and woodworking inc. SWTCA & MWTCA directory; EAIA book lists (2); You Can Make It For Profit‚ booklet from National Committee on Wood Utilization 1931; Refinishing Furniture, by University of Missouri Collage of Agriculture 1948; Upholstering at Home,‚ pamphlet by Universityof Missouri College of Agriculture; and Homemade Rugs pamphlet by University of Missouri Collage of Agriculture.

1869; Zenith Tools & Cutlery; and Sandusky Tool Catalog No. Heckel; and the National Saw Company, reprinted by MWTCA in 1986 (Three woodworking and/or furniture making books: Classic American Furniture by Time Life; hardcover spiral bound; The Conservation and Restoration of Antique Furniture by Stan Learoyd; and Green Woodworking Handcrafting Wood From Log To Finished Product, by Langsner. (Lot of four furniture books: Country Pine Furniture Styles and Prices by Swedberg; Welsh Stick Chairs A Workshop Guide to the Windsor Chair by Brown; Making Authentic Craftsman Furniture Instructions and Planes for 62 Projects from the Crftman publication edited by Stickley; Lot of three tool catalog reprints: Buck & Hickman August 1902 Catalog of American Hand Tools, London, reprinted by MWTCA; Wm. Walter's Sons 1233 originally printed in 1888, reprinted by Roger K. (Tools Machinery Blacksmith Supplies Sears & Roebuck circa 1915 reprinted by MWTCA; Millers Falls & Goodell-Pratt Catalog 42 originally printed in 1938, reprinted by MWTCA; and January 1999 supply catalog of Weaver Leather.

It is made out of oak, and is very dirty/stained/etc. All original hardware is in good shape - just some rust that can be sanded off with a wire wheel on the grinder.

I'm a DIYer/WW that took shop classes in high school - but I'd like some recommendations for restoring and refinishing this toolchest.

They do have a club, and I believe they offer free dating to members. Since Logans haven't been made since '73 or so I see no reason why Gerstner dosen't know what years they made certian model boxes. All the sales flyers used to have Kennedy stuff on sale, now it's the Waterloo boxes.

I have catalogs from 1954 & 1955 that list that box as a No. They have done this for a few years (they have been in business for over 100 yrs.) They already have all of that information in their data base now so its all gravy to them.

The inside back of the box is made from plywood by the looks of it but I'm not entirely sure of that however. I'm betting the is just to aggravate you enough so you'll go away and leave them alone. There are collectors and dealers that buy & sell Gerstner tool boxes. Now to get your, genuine, grade "A", bona fide, signed and dated owners certificate that costs .00 extra! That curly maple box shown on the gerstner website is mighty purty, not to mention the bubinga and rosewood versions..at 00 , a bit rich for my pocket.

On the inside of the bottom panel in big block letters, stamped in black ink it reads: "Built by H. provenance makes a major difference in the value of any antique. I can't imagine anyone actually buying one for a toolbox. SGW, I think you're right on about Gerstner leaning towards the collector's niche market.

(Because of its delicate condition, handling of this catalogue will not be permitted during the preview).

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