dating azdg australia azdg - Dating frat boys

Sure, I ran into some real jerks, because everyone will have his or her share of it in life, but if that's you seem to end up with in school, the problem is you.

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Anyway, my point is I have always avoided frat boys, even 20 years later.

My boyfriend never attended college but is a veteran, as is my ex boyfriend.

He liked to organize fundraisers and charity drives at clubs.

That bit I post about a true gentleman on here sometimes when people ask what a "real man" is or what makes a man a "good man" vs a "nice guy?

Fraternity brothers are no different than men in the world at large. My college sweetheart was a brother at Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), at an Ivy League school, to boot.

He came from money and all, but he wasn't spoiled or entitled. He loved being part of the Big Brother program, and continued to be involved with it long after he was out of college. He worked very hard, and although he enjoyed the fruits of his labor, he was not spoiled or entitled, either.

Most of them were good guys, and I still keep in touch with a few of them on FB.

At any rate, I don't buy into the "frat boy" bit at all.

He joined after having spent his twenties as a middle school English teacher.

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