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Without looking attractive, how can they expect someone to fall in love with them?

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Good communication pathways connecting doctoral researchers amongst each other and with the MPG are essential for a successful exchange of these interests.

Only in this way, a joint effort to secure and improve the quality of the doctoral degree can be made.

Although he hates to say "sorry" to any of his clients, over 70 per cent of the women Ph Ds who come to the agency for help are simply turned away.

"I couldn't find a match for them from my agency," Yu said.

When women are negligent about fashion, they are said to have lost their femininity, but people never say a man is not like a man if he doesn't pay careful attention to his appearance, Zhou said.

When women's traditional image is broken by women Ph Ds, society starts looking at them in a twisted way.

The very title 'Doctor' so gorgeous when ornamenting a man, turns into a derogatory term when applied to women." According to Li, women after acquiring too much knowledge are believed to become "dried up, boring, and even no longer a woman at all." Jokes about women Ph Ds are not rare, for instance: "There are three types of people in the world 'men, women and women Ph Ds.'" Another joke quite popular among young Chinese compares educated women to the women characters in well-known writer Jin Yong's famous kungfu novels.

In the joke, women with bachelor's degrees are called Huang Rong (depicted in the original novel as clever and beautiful), but women's image worsens as their educational attainment increases. The woman is not ugly at all, but she still hasn't been able to find a husband, even though she is already in her 30s.

Yet on the other, almost all her friends are trying to persuade her to quit further study.

" 'Otherwise you will find it super-difficult to find a husband,' that's what they say to me," Li said. "There are too many negative judgments about highly educated women.

The Ph Dnet is the network of all Ph D candidates and Ph D representatives of the Max Planck Society.

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