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First, we should start by telling you that Coronet was a major producer of these short-lived classroom training films, which were purposefully designed to teach traditionally social conservative values to high school students, beginning in 1946 (they began tapering off by the mid-50s, although Coronet actually lasted until the mid-70s).

Coronet dominated the educational film market, in part, because it had its own Hollywoodesque production studio, located in Glenview, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, which can only be described as prolific in its output, cranking out approximately one film every four days, a pace unmatched by its competitors (which included even larger companies, like Centron Corporation for Young America Films, and occasionally by better-known companies such as Ford Motor Company, Ford Motor Company, Encyclopædia Britannica and Crawley Films (for the Mc Graw-Hill Book Company).

Our next Date Escapes event will be held on the 3rd October 2019 and we will be picking some of our CLIKD users to attend.

There are 12 different slips of paper, each with their own UFC-inspired directive.

We curled ours up a little by wrapping them around a pencil and popped them in a mason jar – then took turns drawing and doing!

After the crowd leaves, and if your fan was good and didn’t break any of the furniture, you might invite them to have a special match in the bedroom…We’ve also included a “ring” for a battle of your own, a thumb war battle! And for some healthy snacks, “Grape Vine” with grapes of course. Maybe your sweetie really liked that you called them a knockout, and the date went really well, and you don’t quite want it to end yet? An intimate invitation to go 10 rounds in the bedroom!

Simply cut out the two circles for each opponent’s thumb and see who get’s a K. Now you have some delicious food and fun to enjoy for the next big UFC fight night! If the answer is “yes” you can retreat to your room for a little bedroom game!

We want to translate those matches into real world connections, and what better way than to get a bunch of you together for a big event!

Throw in some free bubbly, some TV stars and some free holidays and then, we have an amazing and ridiculous night in store for everyone.

He said if he hadn’t had to catch his next flight, he would have met the captain.

This movie-style meet cute seems to have been for naught.

Coupled with this rebellious nature was the fact that this generation coming of age were the first ones to own cars of their own, which meant they were suddenly able to leave their parents homes, away from their ever-watchful eyes, and disappear into the night.

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