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Finland students start their schooling a year after a lot of other countries.In spite of this, Finland is now one of the top-performing countries in mathematical skills, but also one of the few whose boys performed as well as girls.While in most countries the most able girls lag behind the most able boys in mathematics performance, according to the PISA 2012 Results Overview, the OECD gender score difference in mathematics, reading, and science was a result of -6 (boys - girls) in Finland.

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This act is called the Government Action Plan for Gender Equality and it included more than 100 issues that needed discussion.

In the late 18th century and early 19th century private schools for girls were established in Finland, among the more known being those of Christina Krook, Anna Salmberg and Sara Wacklin.

Rape in marriage was not considered a crime at the time, and victims of domestic violence had few places to go.

Feminists also fought for a day-care system that would be open to the public, and for the right for not only paid maternity leave but also paternity leave.

Miina Sillanpää, a key figure in the worker's movement, became the first female minister in 1926.

Finland's first female President Tarja Halonen was voted into office in 2000 and for a second term in 2006.

In 2003 the government of Finland proposed addressing issues with gender inequality.

They planned to promote gender equality over the entire public administration, reform the Act on Equality that the men and women in Finland share, promote equal pay for work of equal value, increase the number of women in political and economic roles, assessing gender equality from the male point of view, prevent domestic violence and intimate partner violence, protect victims of trafficking and the possibility of criminalizing buying sex.

Finnish women are much more outgoing and approachable than the men and often command three or four languages.

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