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Even more important is how you should act when she’s not returning your calls and showing other signs that she’s not interested.

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If he wanted to have a conversation with you, he could. So start understanding men – and women – and you’ll know that they do things differently and they think differently and they want different things and behaviors from their partners than they do from themselves. He’s got a deep seeded problem with women and he can’t return my calls because he’s psychologically scarred.” Etc.

They are not equal and to treat each other as equals is to misunderstand men and women. By that time, you may or may not be interested in him – but most likely, he’ll have to wait in line because if you become the kind of woman who thinks & dates like a man, you’ll have men lining up for you – and you’ll have your choice.

That might be true, but the next woman might have something even more special that the last one didn’t have.

Regardless, remember that there’s not just someone out there for you — there are lots of someone’s out there for you.

The truth is that men and women are very different. If he sees you looking great, having fun and being successful at life – he’ll want you more.

The Feminist Movement did all women wrong when they touted equality in all arenas. Third: If you’re thinking, but we have great sex – and he still doesn’t call me, listen up!! So, my suggestion to you is to move on and get a handle on your own life.For just one dollar you can start learning the simple, straightforward and easy to learn methods that we teach men who want to up their social game.AJ Harbinger is one of the world’s top relationship development experts. For instance, when he ignores your calls, he’s sending you a clear message. Second: As a woman, you have to understand “man-think” which is what I call the way men think. Tread carefully in this case; After all, you should already have a few new things going with women who don’t need you to walk away to be interested. Rather, see it as an opportunity to more wisely spend your time on someone else who will be.

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