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When you 'register', you are registering that you have permission to stay in Ireland (for a certain reason) for longer than 90 days.

In September, Amanda was offered a second year with UN Women, and verbally accepted — glad to have 2019 figured out, and happy to continue working in the area of gender equality.

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If you come to Ireland using a Short Stay (C) Visa, you will not be allowed to stay longer than 90 days or register with immigration. In general, you should apply for immigration permission before you come to Ireland or before you go to an immigration registration office to register.

If successful, you will be sent a letter by INIS with instructions about what to do next.

Text added: Everyone aged 16 or older must register with immigration. However, they must register as soon as they become 16.

Amanda Keane didn’t want to be pouring pints forever.Read more about the change from GNIB card to Irish Residence Permit (IRP).Descriptions updated to reflect change from 'GNIB card' to Irish Residence Permit (IRP).Read a longer description of what happens when you visit a registration office. Read a longer description of the new Irish Residence Permit (IRP).If your visit to the registration office is successful, the immigration officer will: Your registration certificate is called the Irish Residence Permit (IRP). From 11 December 2017 the new IRP has replaced the GNIB card. From 11 December 2017 all existing registration certificates known as 'GNIB cards' are being replaced by the new Irish Residence Permit (IRP).The new IRP has exactly the same legal status as the old GNIB card.

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