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In spite of leading the division to .1 billion in profits during her two years as president of the wealth management unit, in 2011 her job was eliminated.

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When I first added coaching to my therapy practice I had a Relationships matter!

Whether you're single or married, relationship coaching helps support your most important life goals.

However, within a few months you’ll find yourself fat, lonely and miserable (and successful). You’re single and alone right now, but you’re happy and proud of yourself. I challenge you to take a moment and set up some “would you rather” hypotheticals for some of your biggest drives and desires in your life and see what answers comes up.

If you decide becoming the most infamous jewelry thief is your definition of success, then you may find yourself in jail or shot. What you’ll notice is that shifting your external measurements of success and into internal states of happiness and meaning will lead to a much more purposeful and happy life.

So I may not measure my success by the amount of money I have in the bank. It’s no coincidence that these people with these yardsticks are typically the same ones who I might ask them, for instance: “Let’s pretend you had a choice to date someone who is incredibly good looking, but is immature and boring or someone who is average-looking physically, but you are always happy when you are around them. ” Or “What would you rather marry someone who you deeply love or someone who makes a lot of money?

I prefer to measure success based on people’s social and global impact. Here’s the point: You get to choose how you THINK about your success. The answers may seem obvious to you or they may not.Crushed, she took time off to heal and be with her family.She went on to purchase a professional women’s organization called 85 Broads. Is she now less successful having time to spend with her family and running an organization to help women? I wonder how much money Jim makes and if his wife is having an affair.She was one of the most powerful women on Wall Street and named to Time’s 2002 list of “Global Influentials” and Fortune’s Most Influential Person Under the Age of 40.She made a name for herself as head of Merrill Lynch’s global wealth management division.The truth is we all want to be driven by happiness and meaning, but it is easy to get caught up in unnecessary status concerns and superficial comparisons.

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