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This is actually a really fun thing to do, and she’ll take a lot of pleasure out of scrolling through the list, thankful for the abundance of choices and the amount of effort you’ve put in.

If you can afford it, you should definitely take her on a small vacation. What I Know For Sure – Oprah Winfrey (Book) Oprah Winfrey is an inspiration to many, and especially to women.

If your budget can’t stretch far enough for an entire weekend, even just a day trip somewhere will be much appreciated. She’s that rare breed in the world of celebrity; an empowered woman who fought hard for success, and who refused to be cowed into sacrificing her principles in order to stay on television.

10 Ideas Of Good Christmas Gifts For Your Girlfriend We know that guys aren’t the most proactive when it comes to buying gifts at Christmas. Wait a minute, you actually WERE relying on Santa to get her a gift until someone told you that he doesn’t exist?! If you get hold of the Fuji Instax Mini, prints are developed instantly – they pop out of the camera. China Rich Girlfriend (Book) No, guys, this is not a video game, nor is it an action movie.

We know that they’d rather pretend that Santa exists and rely on him to buy their girlfriends a gift instead. It’s a book, and it’s the sequel to the popular Crazy Rich Asians, a contemporary novel that girls LOVED.

The sequel is kinda like Pride and Prejudice does Gossip Girl. Described as “unputdownable,” it’s guaranteed to be a smash with all the lady readers out there.

Eva Tote Gym Bag If your girl enjoys going to the gym, she’ll probably appreciate a classy gym bag, such as the brand new one from Eva Tote.

A kitten is basically the magnum opus of gifts, and your girlfriend will love you forever. A wish list reveals a lot about the person, telling us about their tastes, interests and desires.

Plus, if you get her a kitten, you’re basically free to play video games all day, while she dotes on her new feline friend. If you’re truly stuck for what to get her this Christmas, why not put together an Amazon Wish List and ask her to pick two items from it?

A Kitten Seriously, if your girlfriend absolutely treasures cats, you simply cannot go wrong with a kitten this Christmas.

Even if you’re dead against animals, you’ve got to put all personal feelings aside for this one. An Amazon Wish list An Amazon Wish list is one of those cool things we all love reading.

So what better gift to buy her this Christmas than a photo album that lovingly stores all those great memories?

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